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Welcome to Let Us Vote

we are a group dedicated to influencing the Greenville, Texas City Council to require voter approval by referendum before borrowing $65 MILLION, (about $100 MILLION including interest), to build a new Recreation Center.

Below is a letter to the Greenville Herald Banner written by former City Council member, Al Atkins fully explaining the details and problems surrounding what the current City Council has proposed. Please read it carefully.

Then contact the entire City Council by email, through the link in the comments section. Be respectful and simply ask them to allow for voter approval before adding this massive debt load to the taxpayers of Greenville. Thank you.

Our petition drive to give voters a voice in the decision to add $118 MILLION in new debt, is underway. We are looking for registered voters within Greenville to sign the petition. Also, volunteers who would like to gather signatures of your neighbors. Email us at the address above.

why this is important…

This is a 10 year operating loss projection from the consultant hired by the City of Greenville to analyze a proposed recreation center. The loss incurred by taxpayers per year is about $250,000. This, in addition to the City Council’s proposal to borrow $65 MILLION for construction WITHOUT VOTER APPROVAL. A project this large should not proceed unless approved by voters. If you agree, please contact the Greenville City Council at the link provided at the top of this website.